New site (2010-01-20), server crash
The dedicated server company that previously kept the forum, site and services of Scanlationshop had a harddrive failure, and hence everything was inevitably lost. Yes, very bad service of them.

The services will be updated to the new and correct locations for the next version release, so that the bug reporting and latest version checkup works again. Also, as the 'help' was situated online, it is currently not available either.

But first I need to write them, and setup the SourceForge account properly. So, oh, the project is now Open Source. Please take note that this has been a personal and internal project so far, so the code lacks good structure and commenting/documentation.
What is this?
This is an application that was created after having worked in the field of scanlation for quite some time.

What stood out during that time was the appearant lack of tools designed for this kind of work (scanning, tidying up the scans, translating, proofreading, typesetting, et cetera).

Notepad was used for writing up the scripts, the web browser for checking translation suggestions, and only Photoshop for typesetting. And for all these, you would have to tab between the applications: change image to the next one in your image viewer, then tab to your text script and write, and then tab back and forth. And if working on High Resolutioned images, it wuld involve a lot more tabbing to pan the image view.

And when scanning, you would have to iterate over hundreds of pages to level, rotate and crop them to correctness. All this through Photoshop, that certainly does not have speed in mind when handling these operations.

Then began work by a fellow named pnyxtr, who wrote his semi-automatic tools for rotating and cropping batches of images. I followed his lead and began writing Scanlationshop, to handle not just that, but as much of the scanlation process as possible.

All this to cut away all mundane, unnecessary work and let the people work on what just is needed. This is why I always welcome contributions and ideas from everyone, since it's you I am trying to make life easier for, no matter how small a change of convenience it might be.
  • Integrated text editor
    • Spellchecking.
    • Filters for automatically correcting common mistakes.
    • Templates for automating input of common texts.
    • Text comparison to check differences between two text files.
    • Advanced Find & Replace with Regular Expressions.
  • Integrated image viewer
    • Fast, optimized drawing with relatively small memory overhead.
    • Can open files inside ZIP/RAR archives.
    • Zooming; zoom-to-fit vertical/horizontal/all.
  • Integrated system explorer
    • Written from scratch, hence can make use of own, custom features.
  • Text to image interaction
    • Write "page 35" in the text and the image is opened in the image viewer.
    • Open page 35 in the image viewer and the line is scrolled to in the text.
  • Integrated batch scanning for books
    • Scans and automatically saves with proper filename.
    • Increments the current page index after each scan.
    • Leveling tool for easily, and quickly, correcting the colors of the images.
    • Rotation tool, with quick helpful options, based on pnyxtr's rotation application.
    • Cropping tool that can be handled 100% by only keyboard.
  • Photoshop typesetting helper
    • Create an empty textbox in Photoshop, and the current line in the script is inputted.
    • Create font styles that are automatically applied in Photoshop.
    • After line is inputted, it moves to the next.
    • If page of current line is not open, Scanlationshop can open it for you.
    • Progress indicator shows how many pages you have left to typeset.
  • Project-centric workflow
    • All data is saved in projects, and is used universally to build the features of the application. Text templates can access all data, for example. Building dynamic solutions from this is a work in progress.
    • All interaction between different controls is done through these projects, and makes it possible for a lot of automation.
Videos will be coming later. This site is newly created after a server crash and hence all previous data was lost.

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